VTE Extended Kit 2018

Article Number: VIP-K004

  • NEW V-Link Geometry – 4mm lower
  • NEW Sidelink Geometry – 2mm lower
  • NEW upper damping plate
  • NEW thinner Chassis with side rails
  • NEW side Wings
  • NEW Topdeck for less tweak
  • NEW Floating Servo holder
  • NEW Redesigned V Link Bridge

Overall lighter…stiffer…more cornerspeed…more traction at low grip conditions.

To build a complete car, you need following parts:

  • IRS (1/4″) Axle with long right Wheelhub and short left Wheelhub
  • complete Frontend like: Asso, CRC, IRS, Corally, Xenon, VBC…
  • small parts like: shocks (central), Sideshocks or Tubes, Spring and Bodyholder

Price: 264,90€

The Kit comes in an white box with explosion manual and stickers.

!!For custom orders feel free to contact us!! We will made your Car

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Order and info via mail: info(at)vip-pro10.com

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