Pan Car Masters Lostallo 2019

The 3rd edition of the Pan Car Masters aka Open Pro10 Worlds was again held at the huge and unique facility of the MRTM track in Lostallo/Switzerland.
Our Team attend in the both Pro10 classes Modified and Stock 10.5t.
Practise started out in mix conditions in Thursday, whyle controlled practise and qualification on Friday and Saturday were sunny. In the Pro10 Stock class Timo Schad made the best position by TQing 3 out of 4 rounds. His father Rainer with a solid 3 place on the grid.
The finals then were mixed weather whyle some classes have rain heats and other damped or dry, because the track became very fast dry.
The first dry final went with a tone to tone win to Timo, Rainer 3rd.
The wet 2nd final Timo 2nd at the end in reason of a few mistakes, Rainer scored a DNF. The deciding 3rd wet final Timo troubled with his car to end 3rd in this heat, whyle Rainer improved his score to a 2nd finish.

At the End for Timo and Rainer and overall 2nd and 3rd place behind swiss Driver Roger Eifler.

Over in the Modified class were our Drivers Timo Schad, Tobias Weist, Patrick Vannieuwenhyse and Markus Schneider in the race field.
Tobias was the man to beat during the practise and qualifcation by winning 2 out of 4 rounds. Timo with a win in the 4th round secure him the 2nd spot, Patrick and Markus on 4th and 5th in the A main.
The first Final started damped but dryed very fast. Tobias made the best after a bad start to win with 1 lap gap in front of Patrick. Timo 5th and Markus DNS in reason of the starting conditions. The 2nd final went then to Markus, he made the best Tire choice, Tobias with a 2nd place in front of Patrick. Timo DNS and the same for the 3rd one.
So the overall win would be decided between the VIP Teammates. The 3rd final went to Patrick, Markus 3rd and Tobias crashed very hard at the start. The overall win went with the faster time to Tobias against Patrick and Markus completed the full VIP Podium.

In 2 classes 5 out of 6 podest places for the VIP Team a very strong result.

Pro10 Modified: 1. Tobias Weist, 2. Patrick Vannieuwenhyse, 3. Markus Schneider

2. Timo Schad, 3. Rainer Schad

Pan Car Masters 2018 – Lostallo

The 2nd annual Pan Car Masters and Open Pro10 World Championchip was held again at the beautiful and big track the MRT Lostallo in Switzerland during the last 4 days. Unfortunally only the Free Practise was dry. From the 2nd Timed Practise over the 4 rounds of qualification and Finals the event was wet.
The Club, the swiss company Downforce RC in cooperation with VIP Performance host offside the weather a nice weekend and race with BBQ together with all Drivers on Saturday Evening.
Our Team from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands were good prepaired for the race and the wet conditions.

After the practise runs and qualifications our team were presented very well with the TQ, 3rd and 4th place on the grid in the Modified class in person of Tobias Weist, Timo Schad and Patrick Vannieuwenhysen.
In the Pro10 stock class John de kok on 3rd on the grid with a TQ run, Timo Schad in 4th, Oli Mühlhauser in 5th, Rainer Schad and Stefan Scheidegger in 7th and 8th on the grid.

After 3 hard battles in both classes Timo came out successful on both classes with each 2 time 2nd places to became runner up, whylie Tobias had to sattle with a 3rd place with an win in A1.

Our team Places:


2. Timo Schad
4. john de kok
6. Oli Mülhhauser
7. Rainer Schad
8. Stefan Scheidegger


2. Timo Schad
3. Tobias Weist
5. Patrick Vannieuwenhyse

Pan Car Masters 2017 – Lostallo

Last weekend host the MRTM Club in Lostallo Swizerland, organized by Swiss Company Downforce RC and Initiation by VIP Performance the first Pan Car Masters 2017. The nearly 60 entries came from 7 countries for 6 classes and our team started in the two Pro10 Classes Modifed and Stock.
The event started on Friday morning with free practise to timed practise on saturday follow by 2 of 4 rounds of qualification and sunday the last 2 qualli and 3 finals. The weather forcast was very bad at the beginning but in the end the event was dry besides a short rain shower during the first finals.
Timo Schad, his father Rainer and Swiss ace Stefan Scheidegger started in the Pro10 stock class as well as Timo attend also the modifed class together with Tobias Weist.
Timo and swiss ace Roger Eifler were fighting for the top seed in the timed practise with better end of only 1/10 of a second for Timo. In the qualifiation Timo won 2 out of 4 and set the TQ spot only with a margin of 8/100 of a second to Roger followed by Rainer. Stefan 5th on the grid. The first wet final was won by Timo from Roger and Rainer. Only they 3 were starting.
Second final Roger challenged very hard with Timo and his 200mm Car he was lot faster on straight. Timo went a little bit out of battery and temperature to settle for 2nd in A2 with Rainer again 3rd. Stefan 5th at the end for A2. In the last and deciding final both were fighting very hard but Timo could hold the pressure from Roger and he was it in this final to went out of battery in the last lap to handed Timo the win and overall win at the Pan Car Masters in the Stock class in Front of Roger and Rainer completed the podium with Stefan 4th at the end with a 4th place in final No 3.
The Modified class were a fight between both VIP Team Drivers Timo and Tobias. Timo won first the Top seed and then 3 out of 4 rounds of qualification against Tobias to had settle for 2nd.
Mixed dry and damp track in A1 had Tobias with his raincar the better end to win A1 in Front of Roger Eifler, who attend also the modified class and Joachim Behnken in 3rd, starting from 3rd on the grid. Dry A2 was a fight between Timo and Tobias but ended in the middle of the run because Tobias got air under the front and need marshalling. Timo won the final from Tobias as he recovered his way back to end 2nd.
The deciding A3 was again the fight between both teammates. Timo and Tobias changed their positons many times and had a good battle during the whole final. In the last minute Tobias was in front and Timo try to get follow and want to pass but spun out of the corner in the overtime. Tobias handed the win in A3 and the overall win in front of Timo. Roger Eifler had to settle for 3rd.
For the VIP Team was the event with 2 wins and 2 further podium spots a very successfully event with the Vorlon Cars in the stock class and the new VTE in the modified class!